Herald of Hope Rev. Edgar Martin
Herald of Hope Devotional Moment


            For ten years we had a beautiful little beagle dog.  She had many cute little ways, especially one thing she often did at mealtimes.  She would come find me and then begin to herd me toward the supper dish.  She would dance and prance joyfully as I moved in the direction she wanted.  If I turned aside, her face fell.  She would block my progress in any direction except the desired one.  If I turned to the right, she ran over there and stood in front of me, if I tried to turn around, she got behind me and blocked my way.  As long as I went the way she wanted, she was very happy and danced along at my heels. 

     I often wonder if we try to herd God.  Are we only happy when He goes in the direction we want?  Do we dance along happily as long as His plans coincide with our plans?  If He turns aside, are we right there to block His work and redirect it the way we want?  How many times have we argued with God trying to convince Him that our plan would work much better than what He was trying to do? 

     As my little beagles owner, I knew what she wanted and what she needed and I had it in my plans to take care of her.  She didnt realize that she would have gotten exactly what she needed, what would make her happy, if she had just allowed me to continue in my own way.  God knows our needs and He has our happiness in mind, also.  If we let Him have His way, He will get us to something better than we could ever have imagined.

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