God Cares About Cookies

by Sarah Martin

A number of years ago, our local church had a bus ministry.  One of the more vivacious members of the congregation was the bus captain.  The children loved her cheerful spirit and kind ways.  Her husband and teen-age son and daughter supported her and helped in visiting the homes.  On Sunday mornings the whole family would ride the bus along with the neighborhood children.  They would sing songs and teach the children Bible stories as they drove along.

On the return trip, the bus captain liked to give each child a small treat.  My mother took on the job of making cookies for the bus ministry each week.  She usually baked several dozen so there would be plenty to go around. 

One week, Mom wasnt able to bake cookies.  Instead, she ran to the store and bought some Oreos.  She counted them carefully and saw that she had 54 cookies.  They usually didn’t have that many children on the bus, so she thought it would work out fine. 

Just before Sunday School, Mom gave the Oreos to the bus captain.  How many children did you have today? she questioned.  The dear lady enthusiastically replied, Praise God!  We have 64 children today! 

They were swept apart in the rush of children going to their classes and Mom only had time to whisper a prayer, Dear Lord, please multiply the cookies!

Later, at the evening service, Mom slipped up to the bus captain and asked how the children enjoyed the cookies. They loved them, everyone likes Oreos!  She replied.  Praise God! Mom thought, He multiplied the cookies!  He made 54 cookies go around to 64 children! 

     A little later in the service, the Pastor asked if there were any testimonies.  Mom got up quickly, and testified that God had multiplied the 54 cookies and made enough for 64 children.  The congregation had hardly finished praising God for 10 extra cookies when the bus captains husband bashfully stood to his feet.  I think I should tell you that I had 8 cookies myself he confessed.  There was much rejoicing at that revelation, but then the teen-age son stood and announced, I dont know exactly how many it was, but I know I had two handfuls of cookies.  Then the man who cleans the bus rose to his feet and said, Well, when I went to clean out the bus, I found the cookie package.  There was one cookie left and I ate it!

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